About Us

About Us

Setauket Pita House

Setauket Pita House Restaurant located in East Setauket was established in 2007.

Today it’s run by Family Members.

Setauket Pita House Restaurant was named by Newsday and other reviewers as being “Hidden Gem on Long Island” despite it being “Hard to find

Loyal customers have made it a success.

















Setauket Pita House Restaurant Our Story

Pita House Restaurant was established in 1993 in Patchouge, Long Island, NY. Since the beginning Pita House Restaurant has established a reputation for being the top restaurant in it’s class.

There are two different locations for Pita House. The first location has moved to route 112 in Medford to accommodate it’s growing popularity. The second, Setauket Pita House, is located in East Setauket since the 2007